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Business Account for Miron Violet Glass

With a business account, business customers can buy violet glass at a discount. This page explains how it works and what the conditions are. In short, most of the discounts are in the tier prices. While there is a small discount on most single items, don't expect too much of that. It's much more work to pick, pack and ship an order with single items compared to an order with larger quantities, so there's less room for a discount there.

Business Account

A business account is an account that belongs to a business customer group with different prices. If you are not logged in, you will see the regular prices, but once you log in you will see the business account prices. The prices of any items that happen to be in your shopping cart prior to logging in will automatically be adjusted the moment you log in.

The shipping costs for this account are slightly different than for regular accounts, and your account will have to be switched to the right customer group before you can see the prices and use your account for business purchases.

At the moment, you can order more of some packs, boxes and bags than are in stock. This is because these items are new additions to the store and it will probably take some time to find an adequate stock level for them. Items that aren't in stock will be ordered for you and your order will be shipped the moment it is complete. This wil usually take about a week to ten days, depending on when the shipment is delivered to us. You will be updated on the progress of your order by e-mail, of course, but please allow for the extra time when ordering items with insufficient stock.

Business Account Conditions

  • You have a Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Different shipping conditions within the Netherlands: Free shipping from € 75,- (instead of € 60,-), with a maximum of 4 boxes. Above 4 boxes you will need to request a shipping quote, the store will indicate that when applicable. Shipping costs for other countries can be calculated on the full shopping cart page. Just fill in your country and it will be retrieved for you.
  • You need an account that can be switched to a business account.


If you have any questions after reading this information, please don't hesitate to ask. All the contact details are on this page.

If you would like to open a business account, you can create a regular account here. Please fill in your Chamber of Commerce registration number, and if applicable, your VAT ID. Once that is done, you can contact us so we can check your ID's and turn your account into a business account.


If you are ordering from outside the Netherlands, you may be eligible for VAT reverse charge. This means you pay no VAT when you order, but instead you declare it on your own VAT declaration form. If your VAT ID is valid for cross-border trade, your account will be set to reflect that.
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