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About Just Flow


The start as online shop under the name Flow Remedies. Products sold were mainly Flow Remedies crystal essences, related items and pendulums.


During these years one hand dowsing rods, crystals, candles, incense and smudging herbs were added.


The online shop is moved to its own domain and is renamed to Just Flow. The name was born more or less out of frustration. While driving I was trying to come up with a name, as the domain name Flow was already taken. After a few failed attempts I thought ' Darn it, I want to use just flow, not something else!'.

Ding, lightbulb moment: remember Jewel of the Nile? It has this running theme where Joan tries to tell Al-Julhara her name is just Joan, and he keeps calling her Just Joan. Just Flow has this nice double meaning, it's just Flow, but also just flow, let yourself drift on the stream and you will get where you need to be. Or, because a wise man told me that only dead fish go with the flow,: find a balance between surrendering to life and fighting against it. The change what you can change and accept the rest kind of thing.


Small but intensely appreciated internal move to my own workroom with its own entrance. Everything is in bookcases, which makes it easier to pick orders.


A supposedly routine upgrade to a faster hosting package got rather out of hand. The old store script didn't work with the new server, and neither did my most important modules on the newer version of that script.

Murphy's law struck and after a week of trying out different options and software packages I admitted defeat and switched to Magento.


More and more Miron violet glass items are added.


Migrated to Magento 2, changed the theme again, added a lot of essences and had a bit of a bracelet mania that resulted in a nice selection of them.


A completely new store, with a new theme and a lot of new modules, because trying to remove a few modules that prevented the store from updating kind of broke it, and it still wouldn't update. Thoroughly fed up, I bought some more premium modules, asked the extension builder what theme they had good experiences with and started over. During the process, the products that already had an English description also managed to make it to the store front, so now we also have pendulums, dowsing wands and incense. The crystals will follow when everything is up and running and the whole list of things still to be done is a lot shorter :)

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