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c109. Existence

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Existence is a crystal essence and angel energy combination that encourages you to start to realise that you have the absolute, indisputable and inalienable right to exist and to be who you are born to be.
This essence strenghtens your base even further. This is about your right to exist and to be who you are born to be, about having the feeling that you are allowed to exist, that you have permission to exist.

Sometimes, through experiences in childhood or in a situation where you were dependent on something or someone else, you may have wrongly drawn the conclusion that you do not have that right. That you need permission or approval from outside of you to exist. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, but the idea was formed from the limited point of view of a child and/or under outside pressure from people that wanted to gain power over you.

Existence encourages you to start letting go of that misconception, and to start to realise that 'existing' is a fundamental, non-transferable and unalienable RIGHT that everyone has.

Existence is a combination of the following crystal essence and angel energies: rutilated quartz, unakite, aquamarine, celestine, howlite, astrofyllite, variscite, danburite, green toermaline, shungite, Azrael, Raguel and Metatron.
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Article Number c109
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Category Combination Essence
Shipping method Depending on options
Crystal Aquamarine, Astrofyllite, Celestine, Danburite, Howlite, Rutilated quartz, Shungite, Green tourmaline, Unakite, Variscite
Other essences or energies Azrael angel energy, Raguel angel energy, Metatron angel energy
Brand Flow Remedies

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